Proficient Administration

Mr. Santiago Martin the visionary Chairman leads the Future Gaming and Hotel Services Private Limited. Having started from the humble beginnings with his roots in simple business ventures as a trader, he has dedicated himself to create one of the largest business empires in the nation today that spans across the country and beyond.

Beginning with his first steps of growth in the lottery industry at just 13 years of age, he had managed to develop and secure a vast marketing network of the buyers and sellers of lotteries all over India. 30+ years of perseverance to the lottery field has yielded him a good reputation as well as income. He was awarded several time for being the Highest Income Tax Payer in the country




His desire towards creating employment opportunities is an inner motivation for him to develop the lottery business to this extent. Around 1 million people, directly and indirectly are employed in the lottery business. The prestigious BEST LOTTERY PROFESSIONAL awarded to him in the year 2000 by PGRI (Public Gaming Research Institute), USA was due to his dedication to the lottery business.

The Aim of Mr.S. Martin is to create employment for a minimum of 50 lakh people throughout the country, out of which already 10 lakh people are employed directly and indirectly now.

In addition to his passion for enterprises driven by technology and a quest for fresh investments, his qualities as an entrepreneur has greatly enabled him to diversify into multiple business ventures.

Apart from lottery trade he has established into:
  • Real Estate
  • Construction
  • Alternative Energy
  • Visual Media Entertainment
  • Textiles & Yarn
  • Hospitality
  • Health care and Education
  • Software and Technology
  • Banking & Micro Financing
  • Property Development
  • Agro
  • Steel and Sponge Iron

Mr.S.Martin also holds the post of the President of All India Federation of Lottery Trade and Allied Industries (AIFLTAI) apex organization of the lottery trade and allied industries in India. He is also an enterprising philanthropist who shares great beliefs and values towards charity and other noble causes, contributing generously to numerous individuals and organizations on various occasions. He is a regular contributor for supporting the education of those who are really in need.