Technology in Gaming and Lottery

Creating Employment

Promoting Rural Education and Sports

Traditional Lottery

Future Gaming has the advantage of the management's 30+ years of experience in the traditional paper lottery. The expertise has gained the distribution of lotteries of various State Governments throughout India, wherever lotteries are permissible. The distribution is done by paying relevant taxes and other charges. The process is hassle free through numerous Stockists, Sub-Stockists and Agents who have trust on Future Gaming for decades. The winners are also delighted by getting their winning instantly through the selling agents. The settled winning amounts are reimbursed to them regularly.

Modern Online Lotteries

Anything that accepts change can only exist else becomes extinct. The lottery is not exempt from this. Lottery has taken new shape and players are now able to select their lucky numbers at any Online Point Of Sale Terminals. This advantage boosts the player to buy their selection at any place and doesn't force them to go counter to counter to check and select the available numbers as in the case of traditional lotteries. Also the technology incorporated in the Online Lottery Tickets enables the players to check their tickets for winning status accurately. It is possible instantaneously after the draw using the contemporary technology. This process also enables the winners to receive the winning amount straightaway.

Responsible Gaming

World Lottery Association (WLA). has granted accreditation to Future Gaming for meeting the criteria for achieving the Level 1 of the WLA Responsible Gaming Framework. Future Gaming is the senior member from the Indian sub continent.